Arkansas Driving License Test

22 11 2008
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I have been scouring internet for study guides and information on getting driving license in Arkansas. Getting a driving license involves a two step process – Written test + Driving test.

Having gone through the written test and cleared it in second attempt, i have put together list of things that might help others in passing the test in first attempt.
There are lot of unwritten rules by testing center, which you will get to hear only from the officer’s mouth. These rules are not posted in the guide nor in the website clearly. I believe they should for the potential candidate to plan his tests.

For written test,
– Read the test rules and guide from the URL
– The test booklet is also available from the local driving test center free of cost
– Take the sample online test from the URL
– Take another sample test(exhaustive; focused on statistics) that i created for my preparation from the URL
– Failure in written test requires you to wait for a week before next attempt

For Vehicle driving test,
– Vehicle test can be taken 30 days from date of passing written test. I don’t think the duration varies based on the number of written test attempts.

I am in the process of signing up for a driving course with a school nearby. My idea is to take few classes with the instructor beside me to get familiarized with driving and rules. I would rent a car after that till the time of test to feel more confident during the test.

Wish u all the best! Wish me the same 🙂

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